Research Programmes

  • ERA-AGE 2

    ERA-AGE 2 ended on 30 September 2012, after three and a half years contining the work of the highly successful ERA-AGE, which started in 2004. During the life of the project three joint calls were launched, funding 33 post-doctoral research fellowships and, six research projects funded by Europe's first joint research programme on ageing. Has a useful database on research programmes; research projects; research funders/centres. A useful summary presentation given at the closing conference by Professor Alan Walker is attached.

  • EURAGE: European Research Group on Attitudes to Ageing

    EURAGE is an international project investigating attitudes to age across Europe. It designed the attitudes to age module in the European Social Survey and we are currently analysing the findings from 28 countries and over 50,000 respondents. One of the main goals is to disseminate findings and to inform policy-makers, stakeholders and end-users from different countries about ageism, age attitudes and their relationships to the societal context. Researchers are from the Centre for the Study of Group Processes, University of Kent (UK) and from the Centre for Psychological Research and Social Intervention, Lisbon University Institute (Portugal). A current primary aim is to extend current knowledge on ageism which has previously only been investigated within particular countries. By comparing different countries and cultures, it is possible to examine differing attitudes toward both older and younger adults, and how differences between countries, cultures and other socioeconomic factors may lie behind these attitudes.

  • NDA: New Dynamics of Ageing

    The New Dynamics of Ageing Programme is a eight year multidisciplinary research initiative with the ultimate aim of improving quality of life of older people. The programme is a unique collaboration between five UK Research Councils - ESRC, EPSRC, BBSRC, MRC and AHRC - and is the largest and most ambitious research programme on ageing ever mounted in the UK. The programme aims to develop practical policy and implementation guidance and novel scientific, technological and design responses to help older people enjoy better quality lives as they age. This requires integrating understandings of the changing meanings, representations and experiences of ageing and the key factors shaping them (including behavioural, biological, clinical, cultural, historical, social, economic and technological), through direct engagement with older people and user organisations. The programme will harness inputs from a wide range of disciplines to reveal the dynamic interplay between ageing individuals and their changing technological, cultural, social and physical environments - local, national and global - and to develop methods and means for overcoming the consequent constraints on the quality of life of older people. A list of 35 Projects can be found in the attachment and overviews of each project can be accessed. A newsletter is available on the programme website

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