Discussion and Analysis

  • (2010) The EU Grundtvig Programme: its contribution to later life learning and active citizenship for older adults

    Jumbo Klercq, The Elephant: Learning in Diversity, Netherlands

    Paper discusses how, over 10 years, the EU Grundtvig programme has encouraged a range of attempts to develop training and learning support for older adults as active citizens and volunteers, using the results of a review of 15 projects on volunteering and lifelong learning funded by Grundtvig 2000-2008 to illustrate this. It also discusses the PEFETE (Pan-European Forum of Education for the Elderly) project (2003-2006), a Grundtvig-funded network project focussed on the goals of active ageing and intergenerational solidarity.

  • (2010) The Grundtvig Learning Partnership 'Danube-Networkers' and the developmenrt of lifelong learning for older adults in the Danube Region

    Carmen Stadelhofer, Gabriela Koerting, Markus Marquard, Meike Westerhaus, University of Ulm, Germany

    Discusses the Grundtvig Learning Partnership 'Danube-Networkers' (2008-2010), an internet-based network of seniors' groups in the old and new EU countries of the river Danunbe region which worked together on themes concerning the Danube. It also describes a current submission to the EU consultation on a Strategy for the Danube Region which was drawn from the Danube-Networkers learning partnership, thus demonstrating how the experience of the Grundtvig programme can be used to build a European future which features older people in lifelong learning.

  • (2012) Eurideas News

    Eurideas News is a newsletter issued by Eurideas Linguistic Services. Its aim is to talk about EU projects and organisations, countries, regions, politics and culture. This issue focuses on EU-US relations, following the re-election of President Obama.

  • (2012) Focus Europe

    Special edition "Learning in Later Life" - spotlighting over 30 European developments and projects identified by the "Age on Stage" project.

  • (2012) ICT for seniors and intergenerational learning: Projects funded through the Lifelong Learning Programme ( 2008-2011)

    European Commission

    This publication provides some examples of EU funded projects, illustrating how the European Union contributes and supports intergenerational learning and active ageing through the development and use of digital skills.

  • (2013) Forage for later-life learning: building on European experience

    John Benyon, University of Leicester, UK, and partners in 14 EU countries

    In summer 2013, the ForAge project was at the mid-point of its funding period and submitted to Brussels a substantial interim progress report on its activities and thinking to that point. The report was subsequently approved. This short article is based on that report and seeks to draw out the issues concerning later-life learning with which the 16 ForAge network partners are dealing. The article discusses targets and bjectives; implementation; structuring the field; and plans and prospects.

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