Forage Network Activities

The ForAge partnership undertakes a number of activities together to promote and progress the work of the network. These actions form part of the original agreement among partners and with the European Union Lifelong Learning Programme designed to cement collaborative practice and underpin the creation of a sustainable, pan-European, later life learning network.

Transnational meetings provide a focus for intensive activity for the ForAge team. The internal business processes of the network are reviewed and updated and public facing events enable partners to meet and work with national and European colleagues to extend the reach and influence of the ForAge network.

Maintaining contact with these wider networks is a critical aspect of ForAge work so regular newletters are issued as updates or on specific themes to sustain interest and commitment to ForAge. Go to the newsletters page to learn more about ForAge.

2 - 4 th October 2013,  Budapest

Transnational partner meeting 3

The agenda for this meeting will consist of consideration of progress in all eight work packages in the Project, reflection on the interim report,  agreement on actions in the next phase of the Project and discussion of sustainability and the longer term future of the Project’s products and results.


30 September – 1 October 2013, Budapest 

ForAge Second International Conference: The Future of Learning for Older People in Europe - Learning from Experience  

To coincide with the United Nations International Day of Older People on 1 October, the ForAge  Network is holding a Pan-European Conference to examine trends and developments in learning in later-life and what can be learned from the experience of European initiatives in this field


July 31 2013 

Forage Project Interim Report to EACEA due


June 2013

Completion by project partners of survey on ForAge exploitation of results: "A Vision for the Future" (WP 6)


June 2013

Dissemination of details of forthcoming ForAge 2nd International Conference, Budapest, 30 September - 1st October 2013.


June 2013

ForAge newsletter 6 -The European Year 2012 – a review



May - August 2013 

Major inputs of data to ForAge database


May 2013

ForAge partners complete input of data to own national pages on website


May 2013

ForAge newsletter 5 -  Let’s discuss: Involving Stakeholders, Gender Issues, Giving Voice 



May 2013

Trials of ForAge Forum on website


April 2013

ForAge database restructured and data redistributed. Input of data continued.


February  2013

Trials of ForAge Forum on website


January  2013

ForAge newsletter 4 - The ForAge web portal



December 2012 - January 2013

Website populated with information. Database categories trialled and initial data inputted


20 December 2012 

Evaluation Report on 2nd Partner Meeting, Limassol, disseminated (WP7)


20 December 2012

Evaluation Report on Ist International Conference, Limassol, disseminated (WP7)


3rd November, 2012

ForAge newsletter 3 - A Society for All Ages, conference report



10-12th October 2012,  Limassol 

Transnational partner meeting 2

This meeting of partners focused on the development of Work Packages 3 (Making and Implementing the ForAge Network) and 4 ( Buildiing and Implementing the Forage website and database). Partners heard and discussed an evaluation report of the Project activities to date (Work Package 7).


8- 9th October 2012, Limassol

ForAge International Conference: "A Society for All Ages. Learning to Live & Learning for Life"

The FORAGE Conference was held during the period of the Cyprus EU Presidency. 56 participants had the opportunity to hear about the new developments on both the European and national level in later life learning and to exchange knowledge and experience. Workshops included Involving stakeholders in later life learning; gender issues; and giving older people a voice through learning


16th August 2012

Forage Newsletter 2 - Interview with the ForAge project facilitator



15th August 2012

Analysis of Survey of Partner Expertise and Issues disseminated (WP2)


20th July 2012

ForAge Project Leaflet             



April 2012

Project Evaluation Framework disseminated (WP7)


April 2012

 Evaluation Report on 1st Partner meeting (Leicester) disseminated (WP7) 


15th April 2012

ForAge Newsletter 1 - Introduction to the ForAge project



April 2012

Survey of Partner Expertise and Issues distributed (WP2)


16 March 2012, Leicester

Website and Database (Work package 4) planning meeting held in University of Leicester, UK. Involves partners from Austria, Czech Republic and UK (AEA and University of Leicester).


Transnational meeting 1

8-10 February 2012, Leicester  

The first partner meeting of the  ForAge project  was held in Leicester where the Project is co-ordinated by the University of Leicester’s Institute of Lifelong Learning (which has established an international reputation for work in the field of older people and lifelong learning), in partnership with the UK’s Association for Education and Ageing (AEA). The Leicester team is led by Jim Soulsby as ForAge Network Facilitator.

This meeting heard and discussed presentations of all eight work packages which make up the project; agreed a  work plan to cover the three years of the Project  but particularly the next  nine months (for which it identified priorities and responsibilties); elaborated and clarified financial matters and considered management and contractual issues.

The Lord Mayor of Leicester, Robert Wann, and the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Leicester, Professor Sir Robert Burgess, attended the official launch of ForAge at the University of Leicester on Wednesday 8 February 2012.

Ist January 2012   Forage Project begins

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